Carvery Rib of beef only £16.50kg whilst stocks last!!  

Cote De Boeuf £22.99kg Fantastic Value

Chateaubriand trimmed Beef fillets £49.95kg

Top End Fillets only £29.99    

Aged T. Bone Steaks  £19.99kg

Sirloin steaks or rolled Joints only £25.99kg

Tomahawk steaks £22.99kg                                 

Aged Rib Eye Steaks £29.99kg 

Short Ribs of Beef £7.99kg                                 

Plate or Rolled Brisket of Beef £9.95kg

5lb Award winning Meldreth Sausages £16.99                  

Topside of Roasting Beef £13.99kg                            

5kg Fresh Chicken Fillets £34.95

1.8kg Free Range Norfolk Chickens £11.99 each  

Short Ribs of Beef £7.99kg                            

We Only Sell Award winning Natural Local Pork                              

Why Not Try Our English Dry cured Back Bacon





GAME PRICES  Some out of Stock until Nov 2021

"OOS"Due to lock down very limited stock of game was available as the last shoots in Dec 20 for 3 weeks 

Brace of Free Range Local O/R Pheasants £9.50   OOS                                           

Brace of Free Range Local oven ready Partridge £9.50 OOS                                

 Ex Large Single Oven Ready Pheasant £6.80kg   OOS                                                                     

Free Range Local Pheasant Breast £12.50 per kg      OOS                                        

Free Range Local Partridge Breast £14.50 kg OOS

Local oven ready free range Mallard £5.95 each OOS

IN STOCK                                                          

Free Range Whole Guinea Fowl £8.95 per kg                                                                          

 2 x 6-7oz Guinea Fowl Supremes £5.00                                                                 

2 x 7-8oz Barbary Duck Breasts £6.95                                                                                 

2 x 12oz Barbary Duck Legs £5.99                                                                      

Local Free Range Wild Rabbits £7.50 per kg OOS

Diced Rabbit in freezer

Rabbit Haunchs in freezer                                            


Local free range wild Pigeon breast crowns £1.25                                    

Free Range Grouse from “upnorth” £16.00 OOS                                                                   

Local Free Range Organic Wild Fallow Dear

Venison Loin Fillets £35.00 per kg OOS                                                

Whole Haunch of venison (ex Shank) £12.50kg OOS                       

Boneless Haunch Joints £17.99 kg OOS

Venison Leg Steaks £14.99 kg IN Freezer                                                                                                              

Diced Venison 500g packs £5.99  OOS


Diced Mixed Game £12.50 OOS

(Partridge, Rabbit, Pheasant, Guinea fowl, Venison and Duck)