At Davey's Butchers, we like to offer our customers the best quality meat and the best prices and we are commited to providing our customers the best deals they can get from any other butcher or supermarket.


To make us a thriving well known and respected independent butcher we like to offer special offers on a weekly basis. Please see below this week special offers. If there's something you particularly want but can't find, please pop into the shop or give us a call on 01763 260 193.


Deals Of The Week from 04/04/16

Whole English shoulders of Lamb £5.95 kg thats's just £2.75 per lb

whole Fillets from £29.50 per kg

Isle Of Mann Legs of Lamb £3.60 lb £7.95kg

5kg Fresh Chicken Fillets £22.50 10kg Box £42.50

Slow Roast Silverside Beef  £6.990 per Kg

Rump Steak Only £9.99 per kg when buying 2 x 500 gm Steaks

 Prime Rib Eye Steak £19.95 kg

5lb Home made Pork sausages £12.99

5lb Unsmoked Back bacon £9.99

10 lb Pork Loin chops £19.90

English Lamb Chops Better than Half price £7.49 per kg


We Sell Turkeys and Turkey products all year round supplied from Burlton Farms Meldreth Just accoss the Road to Davey's

Our Pork Comes straight from the farm and is award winning Supplied by Jonathan Smith  at Garnett's Grt Barnston

Prime cuts delivered daily from Smithfield Markets