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Pick and Mix 2 for £6 on many Pre Packed meat products

Family Packs are £5.99 2 packs for £10.00

Example of our Mix and match

2 x 200gm Chicken Fillets £3.49 or 4 for £6

4 x 200gm Chicken Fillets £5.99 or 8 for £10

There is a large range of 2 for £6 and 2 for £10 all mix and match

One of Britain’s favourite foods, Succulent, sizzling individually hand packaged with care and love "the Meldreth Savoury" sausage is full of English natural award winning pork, subtly flavoured with garden herbs and spices that appeals to all generations. From a humble beginning get ready to be lifted into the realms of the subline

The Home of the award winning "Gold" 2014 & 2015 Meldreth Low Fat Free Range Pork Sausage £6.95 per Kg

Family packs 2.3kg £12.99 Bulk Buys £5.50 kg Foot Longs 4 for £5.00


At Davey's we also make a Newmarket style Sausage, Cumberland, Lincolnshire plus many Summertime Gourmet ranges, We make 6 to the pound sausages, 12 to the pound Chipolata, 4 to the pound Jumbo and Footlongs (4 weight 2 lbs approx)

Home made Angus Steak Burger (low fat) 8 For £6

6oz Wagyu Beef Burger 4 for £6

Russell's Famous Minted Lamb Kofta Kebab 12 for £6

Pork Fillet Kebabs with peppers £1.95 each

Beef Fillet Kebabs £2.95 each

Chicken Thai Satay skewers 12 for £6

Large selection of Marinated Chicken Drumsticks & thighs £3.49 or 2 for £6

Slow Roast Free Range Pork Shoulder £3.99kg

Boneless Pork Shoulder £5.95kg

Free Range Garnett's Pork Belly £6.95Kg

Garnett's Pork Loin Chops £6.50kg

Carvery Legs Of Lamb £11.50kg

Shoulders Of Lamb £8.95kg

Barnsley Lamb Chops £14.95kg

Prime British Topside £11.50kg

Brisket of Beef £7.95kg

Short Rib Of Beef £7.45kg

Fore Rib Of Beef £13.95kg

Carvery Rib of Beef £14.95kg

T.Bone Steaks £22.50kg

Rib Eye Steaks £24.99kg

Sirloin Steaks (fully frech trimmed) £24.99kg

Chateaubriand Centre Fillet steak from £37.50

Wing Rib of Sirloin £17.50kg